Steve Smith

Sales, Podcaster, Photographer, YouTube Partner, Twitch Streamer, Writer and Published Poet
3-2566, rue de Lorimier, Longueuil, Quebec, Canada, J4K 3P6 - +1 (514) 249-9052 -
English and French

Short Biography

In an ever-changing world, I am more than just another applicant. I an intensely goal-driven, and I intend to succeed at virtually cost within reason. This has required me to be open to the ever-changing state of knowledge, science and technology. Combined with my education, my over two decades of work experience from an extremely varied set of employment opportunities. And, my willingness to self-educate and explore the ever-changing world, I have allowed myself the ability for skill refinements in a few areas. These are primarily in the areas of web development, multimedia design and editing, photography and sales.

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Projects & Developments

Conni v2.0 Content Management System

Fully Customizable and modular, combined with database driven content pages generated on the fly, or from cached pages. Designed to be flexible for the needs of any client with everything possible from the generation of simple blogs, podcasts, portfolios, and store fronts.

The Paradox Engine v2.0

User Account Program which is highly customizable and modular with a singular primary focus, user data security. All user accounts from creation to confirmation are maintained in a perpetual encrypted state with built in two-factor authentication that cannot be disabled. Multi-location sign-on like many websites is possible and more functionality can be developed for clients on a per need basis.

Hivemind v2.0

Artificially intelligent replacement for Captcha designed to allow any user, regardless of ability, access to a website, while preventing issues with bots through a process that can filter attempts pre-emptively, in real-time, or after the fact, through a process that is capable of using specific vectors of determination, as well as, access to previous stored attempts, allowing the code to become smarter with time. The program in v2.0 was given more abilities to distinguish between natural language and modified text used by groups to circumvent filters and has risk mitigation abilities that can specifically and or broadly deny access based on a set of predetermined vectors of risk.

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Skills & Proficiencies

Photography, Photo-Negative Development, Development of Photographs, Filmography and Studio Lighting

Traditionally educated using chemical means of negative and photographic development processes. I work with negative based cameras and digital cameras. As part of my traditional photography education background I am both adept at lighting scenes for photographic and filmographic purposes using various forms of lighting, both direct and indirect, and controlling the intensity with reflectors and diffusers.

Graphic Design and Photo Editing

I am proficient in the use of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Gimp, Blender and Daz Studio to create a whole host of different projects meant for online consumers as video, graphics and photography.

Video and Audio Editing

Having edited hundreds of videos for podcasts, I am more than proficient in the use of Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, and Pinnacle Studio. As part of my experience, I have, also, obtained valuable skills in the area of audio editing.

Web Development and Programming

Having programmed for more than 2 decades in the area of web development, I am both experienced and adaptive when it comes to both client side and server-side programming understanding important concepts such as interactivity with user interfaces, load time efficiency, data security, risk assessment and mitigation, etc. I program using languages such as PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, Perl, CGI, ASP, MySQL, etc. I, also, use frameworks such as jQuery, Bootstrap, etc. And compliment my code by use of XML, RSS, CSS, etc. I am always refining my craft and challenging my own skillsets by creating code that does not practice the traditional methods indicated in guidebooks allowing for better problem solving, cleaner and more concise programming resulting fewer bugs, writing code focused on being resistant to XSS vulnerabilities, etc.

Office Systems Technology

As part of my formal education, I have been instructed in the proper and full usage of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, etc. I am, also, adept at using alternatives such as LibreOffice and OpenOffice. I am, also, capable of operating on any platform including any variation of Windows, Linux, BSD, Unix and Mac.

Furthermore, as part of extensive professional career I have obtained skill sets required for diagnostic problem solving in areas that require immediate attention. These include the prevention of security threats such as viruses in workplace computers, mitigation of risks related to directed spearfishing attempts, and many other kinds of possible risks to office systems infrastructure, including the ability to adapt office operating system environments to both be usable, reliable, and secure, regardless of the end user’s ability.

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Work Experience

Microbytes Longueuil

March 2014 – September 2015
Sales Representative, Computer Builder, Computer Repair

TQA Weekly

September 2010 – Today
Host, Researcher, Web Developer, Video and Audio Editor
YouTube Partner

Couche-Tard #1240 (Formerly Dépanneur Du Coin #175)

February 2006 – Today
Cashier, Instructor

Peter Panos Catering

May 2005 – June 2017
Web Development, Information Technology Consultant

Couche-Tard #467

September 2004 – February 2006
Cashier, Instructor, Assistant-Manager

Les pompes d'essence du Coin (OLCO)

March 2004 – May 2004
Gas Station Attendent, Mechanic’s Assistant

Montreal Auto Show

January 2004
Automotive Detailer
Contracted by TLS for GM


September 2003 – May 2004
Dish Washer, Cashier, Cook

Metro Central

July 2003 – September 2003
Grocery Bagger, Grocery Clerk

FCPPQ English Services

February 2002
Web Developer, Programming Instructor

Consultech Satisfaction

September 2001 – January 2002
Web Developer

Champlain College Charity Club (C4)

September 2001 – May 2003
Vice-President External

Hema Québec (Hosted by Champlain College)

September 1999 – May 2003

Follet of Canada / Champlain Bookstore

August 2001 – September 2003
Sales Cashier, Instructor
Letter of Recommendation By Shaun Mongeau (PDF)

Réno Dépôt

June 2001 – August 2001

The Champlain Edge

September 2000 – May 2001
Technology Columnist / Web Developer

Webco Information Technology Systems

December 2000

National Archives of Quebec

June 2000 – August 2000
Letter of Recommendation By François David (PDF)

Zed Axis Dot Net

September 1997 - Today
Web Developer, Multimedia Designer, Computer Builder, Computer Repair, Information Technology Consultant, Photographer
Contract Freelancer

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Publications, Partnerships, Affiliations & Accomplishments

TQA Weekly

Science and Technology
2010 - Today
YouTube Partner
2012 - Today

Champlain College Charity Club

Vice-President External
2001 - 2003
1999 - 2003


The Silence Within
Book (ISBN –0-7951-5062-8)
The Sound of Poetry
CD / Cassette

The Champlain Edge

Technology Columnist
2000 - 2001

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Desired Salary, Working Conditions and Requirements

For employement opportunities in my local area, in the areas of web development, video editing, and sales, I seek a starting salary of at least $35000/Year, or $16.83/Hour. I am, also, seeking a fixed scheduled work week not exceeding 40 hours a week.

For employment opportunities that can be done remotely, regardless of location, that do not require relocation, I am seeking a starting salary of at least $35000/Year, or $16.83/Hour.

For employement, outside my local area, I seek a starting salary of at least $50000/Year, or $24.04/Hour, plus moving expenses for my relocation.

For employers with job opportunities outside Canada, if you are interested in hiring me, I shall require a work visa, moving expenses, legal assistance for legal immigration and a substantial salary equal to $75000/Year in Canadian Currency, or $36.06/Hour. I will, also, require health and dental insurance policies, in addition to my hourly salary, as part of my relocation to your country.

I require, at least two weeks of vacation a year, paid, for the weeks of August 12th, and August 19th, yearly, without contest, as part of my working conditions and requirements.

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Champlain College

1999 - 2004
Creative Arts (Photography and Design)
2001 - 2004
Publication Design and Management
1999 - 2000

Macdonald Cartier High School

1994 - 1999

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References & Recommendations

Emina Mehmedovic
Couche-Tard #1240
Alexandre Maille
Couche-Tard #1240
Senior Staff
Shaun Mongeau
François David
National Archives of Québec
Head of Consultation

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